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Widely stretch/Deeply cultivation

JUND Architects entered Chinese market in 1997and was formally incorporated in Shanghai in 2005. The companyofficially renamed as Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd. in 2017 hereinafter shortened as JUND. Headquartered in Shanghai, JUND leavesits footprints across China (so far, it has established branches in Beijing,Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hefei, Hangzhou and Chengdu), and the projects JUND has served can befound in all major provinces and cities in China.

All-round player/Award winner

Since its inception, JUND has become an experienceddesign think tank and strategic partner for demanding projects in the fields ofresidential communities, tourism communities, industrialized culture andeducation, and destination complexes. Our team of registered architects fromAsia, Europe, Australia and North America, with global vision and technicalexpertise in various fields, has a deep understanding of local culture andmarket trends, and has been creating classic projects and setting benchmarksfor the industry. With these successful projects, JUND has won Gold Nugget,WAF, AIA, MIPIM ASIA and other prestigious design awards in the industry.

Four backbones/Multidimensional integration

As a leading brand in China’s design field, JUNDupholds the concept of "design for the people", and actively exploresthe barriers of the industry while conceptually building the concept of preposedoperation to guide our design services: we carry out the front-end R&Dplanning first to optimize the complex services integrating four major fields-planning,architecture, interior and landscape; then feed reversely with back-endoperation data. With multi-disciplinary collaboration and deep integration, weestablish a system of consulting services matrix centering "design"to extend the stickiness with "people". We offer a full stack ofintegrated services from planning, positioning to design and implementation,and up to the operation. Our efficient and high-quality comprehensive solutionsfully satisfy the needs of the entire industry and help our strategic partnersachieve innovation and sustainable development.

  • 2021

    Shanghai JUNOLP Lighting Design Co., Ltd

    Shanghai JUNLEAD Technology Co., Ltd

    Hangzhou JUND Architects Co., Ltd.

    Sichuan JUND Architects Co., Ltd.

  • 2019

    Beijing JUND Architects Co., Ltd
    Hefei JUND Architects Co., Ltd

  • 2017

    Renamed as Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd

  • 2016

    Shanghai JWDA Architectural Design Co., Ltd Established

  • 2015

    Chongqing Office Established

  • 2009

    Shanghai FF&E Established

  • 2008

    Shenzhen Office Established

  • 2005

    Shanghai Headquarter Established

Working Space
  • 2020
    • - Mipim Asia
      • Clould Villa - Best Residential Devolopment - Silver Award
    • - Gold Nugget Awards
      • Clould Villa - Best International Residential Project - Merit Award
    • - Novum Design Award
      • Qiyun Mountain Pine Hermitage Resort - Architecture Design - Gold Award
      • Jiangmen Bluebay - Urban Planning & Landscape Design - Gold Award
      • Yuegui Greenland New World - Interior Design - Gold Award
    • - World Architecture Festival China
      • Fuzhou Ronshine Cangxia Parcel Project - Excellent Project of 2020
      • Jiangmen Bluebay - Excellent Project of 2020 Shortlisted
    • - Architecture MasterPrize
      • Qiyun Mountain Pine Hermitage Resort - Small Architecture - Winner
      • Wuxi Vermont International Academy - Interior - Winner
      • Shiquan Road Street Urban Renewal - Honorable Mention
      • Vue Hotels & Resorts - Interior - Hospitality - Honorable Mention
      • Jiangmen Bluebay - Large Scale Landscape Design - Honorable Mention
    • - Ahead Asia
      • The Chedi Ninghai - Best Landscaping & Outdoor Spaces Shortlisted
    • - International Design Awards
      • Yuegui Greenland New World - Interior Design - Honorable Mention
      • Qixin Road TOD Commercial Complex - Archture Design - Honorable Mention
    • - The 6th CRED Award
      • Luogang Greenland Central Plaza-Public Projects- Merit Award
      • The Chedi Ninghai - Public Projects- Merit Award
      • Donghu Digital Town Phecda Building-Interior Design - Merit Award
    • - The 5th REARD Global Design Award
      • Enping Greenland Golden Town -Tourism Interior Design- Silver Awards
      • Platinum Yalong Bay-Residential Architectural Design - Silver Awards
      • Chaohu OTC Bantang Hot Spring Town-Tourism Architectural Design-Silver Awards
      • ChuZhou MingHu KangYang Ecological Town-Residential Landscape Design - Bronze Awards
    • - PRO+ Real Estate Awards
      • The Longwan Graden Of Glory -Best Residential Building - Silver Awards
      • Platinum Yalong Bay -Best Residential Building - Silver Awards
    • - The 8th ID+G Design Award
      • Donghu Digital Town Innovator Center - Cultural Office Space - Silver Award
      • Jiangmen Bluebay - Architectural & Landscape Space Design(FF&E) - Silver Award
      • Nanjing Tangshan Club Med Joyview Resort - Hotel Space Design - Silver Award
      • China Urban-Rural Headquarter Economic Industrial Park - Real Estate Sales Space -Silver Award
    • - The 4th ELA International Landscape Award
      • Platinum Yalong Bay -Best Residential Building - Silver Awards
      • Manjiang Villa Top 10 Landscape Award of Show Area Best Art Installation - Silver Award
      • Enping Greenland Golden Town - Ecological Landscape Award
  • 2019
    • - AIA International Region Design Awards
      • Wuxi Vermont International High School - Merit Award For Interior Design
      • Fuzhou Ronshine Cangxia Parcel - Commendation For Urban Design
    • - World Architecture Festival
      • Pine Villa - Completed Buildings: Hotel and Leisure Shortlisted
      • Pine Villa - Best Use of Natural Light Prize Shortlisted
    • - Mipim Asia Awards
      • Fuzhou Ronshine Cangxia Parcel - Best Urban Regeneration Silver Award
    • - Gold Nugget Award
      • Sunshine 100 Guilin Liyuan - Merit Award
      • Ronshine Century Summit, Shanghai - Merit Award
    • - International Design Awards
      • Qixin Rd TOD Commercial Complex - Honorable Mention
      • Yuegui Greenland New World - Honorable Mention
    • - The Architecture Creation Award of ASSC
      • Ronshine Century Summit, Shanghai - Merit Award
      • Fuzhou Donghu Lakeside Art Park - Merit Award
      • Fuzhou Ronshine Cangxia Parcel - Merit Award
      • The Chedi Ninghai - Merit Award
    • - REARD Real Estate Star Design Award
      • Ronshine Century Summit, Shanghai - Silver Award
      • East Lake Digital Internet Town - Silver Award
      • The Chedi Ninghai - Silver Award
    • - China Real Estate Design Award
      • Ronshine Century Summit, Shanghai - Silver Award
      • Fuzhou Ronshine Cangxia Parcel - Merit Award
      • Fuzhou Donghu Lakeside Art Park - Merit Award
      • Jinmao Palace, Wuhan - Merit Award
      • Pine Villa - Merit Award
      • Yew Wah International Education School - Merit Award
    • - Kinpan Awards
      • Pine Villa - The Best Resort Area of Year in Fujian &Shenzhen Division
      • Fuzhou Ronshine Cangxia Parcel - The Best Comprehensive Building of Year in Fujian & Shenzhen Division
      • The Chedi Ninghai - The Best Hotel of Year in Zhejiang Division
      • The Chedi Ninghai - The Best Pre-selling Houses of Year in Fujian & Shenzhen Division
Bldg.#23 Zhongjun Plaza,1588 Shenchang Rd., Shanghai, P.R.China
Tel: 021 6040 9166
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